For all returning travelers, you will automatically get $20 off per previous trip that you have taken with us. It does not matter if it was a group trip, private trip, or personal trip. Upon registration, the questionnaire will ask you to list the previous trips and upon us confirming, your $20 per trip will be subtracted from your balance. For example, if you have been on 5 previous trips with us, you will get $100 off this trip.

The cap is for this promotion is $100


If you are the organizer or the person who recommended this trip to your friends in a group of 8 or more, you are eligible to receive a discount on your trip. The Group Leader gets 50% OFF trip with 8 People, 75% OFF with 12 People, and FREE trip with 16 people. When your guests register for the trip, make sure they enter your name in the space for “Who Recommended This Trip?” so you can get the credit.

Discount applies to the cost of the trip minus the flight only. 

By choosing to proceed with booking, you acknowledge that you have thoroughly reviewed all of the policies and protocol set forth by NxlevelTravel and you understand that all sales are final and that no refunds will be provided by NxlevelTravel. (See FAQ for information on separate trip insurance).